Precision Filters, Inc.

Since 1975, Precision Filters, Inc. (PFI) has been a global provider of instrumentation for test measurements. You can rely on a single source for signal conditioning and switching—a complete range of instrumentation—products optimized to work together to provide high performance at reasonable cost.

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Just Released: Papers and Notes

PFI Expands the 28000 Product Line

Announcing the Affordable, Portable 28002 Two-Card Frame for Precision Filters’ 28000 System

The new 28002 2-card chassisThe 28002 frame holds two transducer cards, giving you up to 32 channels of fully programmable transducer conditioning. Compatibility with the entire line of 28000 cards means you can work with a wide array of transducers: voltage, charge, static or dynamic strain, bridge-type transducers, piezo-resistive accelerometers, load cells, and more. The lightweight, portable frame is at home in the lab, yet rugged enough to take high performance along with you for field applications. And the 28002’s economical cost makes superior performance affordable.

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The New Standard for Signal Conditioning in CompactDAQ™ and CompactRIO™

PFI modules instlled a cRIO chassisPrecision Filters’ family of high-performance signal conditioning modules adds unprecedented function and performance for measurement systems built on National Instruments™ C Series platforms. Choose from five different modules to measure charge, bridge, dynamic strain, IEPE or voltage-based sensors. Count on PFI’s dependable signal conditioning technology for precise measurements.

All modules feature fully programmable gain and excitation and are equipped with Precision Filters’ Test Input for inserting calibration signals at the module input allowing full end-to-end verification. Real time sensor parametric health is continuously measured and reported “on-the-fly”.

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Introducing REZCOMP™ Sensor Resonance Compensation

REZCOMP™ extends frequency responseREZCOMP™ technology extends the frequency response of pressure, microphone and accelerometer sensor measurements.

Precision Filters in collaboration with Kulite Semiconductor Products developed the patent pending REZCOMP technology to extend the frequency response of pressure sensors, accelerometers, microphones and other resonant sensors in real-time with no need for post-processing. Based on a characterization of the sensor Q and resonance frequency, the compensation technique extends the usable sensor bandwidth by a factor of 3 or more.

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PFI Welcomes the PFA-2 to Its Family of Filter/Amplifiers

The PFA-2 Two-Channel Compact Filter/Amplifier SystemThe PFA-2 Two-Channel Compact Filter/Amplifier, Precision Filters’ new compact dual-channel filter/amplifier system, sets a new standard in high-performance signal conditioning at an affordable price.

With low-noise, high common-mode rejection balanced differential input and programmable AC/DC input coupling, the PFA-2 is ideal for conditioning static or dynamic signal inputs. Its versatile 6-pole low-pass filters can address applications in the time domain, such as shock measurements, or in the frequency domain, such as spectral analysis or anti-aliasing applications.

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