PF-1U-FA Flat/Pulse Low-Pass Filter Technology

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The PF-1U-FA System has a variety of high performance filter characteristics available for LP or BP Precision filtering.

PF-1U-FA System Filter Characteristics

Flat/Pulse Low-Pass Filters

Our new choice of LP4FP 4-pole or LP8FP 8-pole flat/pulse low-pass filters provide the user with the versatility to address applications in either the time or frequency domain and are available on both the 8 and 16-channel systems. Frequencies can range as high as 204.6 kHz with fixed frequency choices for economy.

LP4F and LP4P Amplitude Response
LP8F and LP8P Amplitude Response

Flat Mode Low-Pass Filters

Precision LP4F and LP8F “flat” mode characteristics are specified to have outstanding passband flatness equivalent to the Butterworth yet deliver very sharp roll-off characteristics.

The LP4F and LP8F are excellent choices for anti-aliasing filtering and for applications such as spectral analysis. The LP8F has zero passband ripple and over 100 dB/octave attenuation slope.

LP4F and LP8F Versus Butterworth Amplitude Response
LP4F and LP8F Butterworth Passband Response

Pulse Mode Low-Pass Filters

For the time domain, there are the LP4P and LP8P “pulse” mode low-pass filters. These filters have excellent transient response and phase linearity making them ideal filters for time domain applications including transient (shock) measurements and time-domain waveform analysis … all with roll-off characteristics superior to their Bessel filter counterparts.

LP8P Versus 8-Pole Bessel Amplitude Response
LP8P and LP4P  Passband Response
LP8P and LP4P Step Response

Band-Pass Filters

For band-pass filtering, choose the HP4F/LP4FP band-pass characteristic to provide programmable bandwidth and center frequency filters.

Band-Pass Amplitude Response HP4F and LP4F Cascaded
Band-Pass Amplitude Response HP8F and LP8F Cascaded