Precision 464kC Switch Matrix System

Computer Controlled Analog Signal Switching Replaces Tedious Manual Patch Panels

The 464kC is a 3-stage non-blocking solid state switching system, providing up to the equivalent of a 256 x 256 rectangular coordinate switch with 65,536 cross points while using only 24,064 cross points. It uses 63% less cross points than a 256 x 256 rectangular coordinate switch, providing significant economy for large switching systems. This economy, as well as one-third the capacitive loading, is the main advantage of 3-stage switching systems.

The 464kC is a robust switching system that provides a uni-directional signal path from input to output while power is applied to the system. The 464kC is controlled by either of the following three methods; from the front panel, remotely using command line control or by running a graphical user interface on the host computer.

The 464kC uses its test subsystem to verify the system integrity. A Go/No-Go test checks the integrity of the current setup. Running the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) exhaustively tests all possible switch settings and reports which plug-in modules are defective.

  • The Precision 464kC Switch Matrix System

    464kC BENEFITS

    • Manage hundreds of channels with simple programming
    • Forget the hours and expense of hand patching or hard wiring connections
    • Enjoy the choice of front panel setup or convenient remote control from a host computer

464kC Switch Matrix System Salient Features:

Switch Matrix Characteristics

  • 3-stage non-blocking solid-state switch matrix
  • High density: 65,536 equivalent cross points in one mainframe

Matrix Size

  • Matrix sizes to meet unique requirement: 256 x 256, 224 x 224, 192 x 192,
    160 x 160, 128 x 128 and 96 x 96
  • Bus frames to form larger systems: 256 x 512, 512 x 256 and 512 x 512, for example
  • Modular construction using plug-in cards

System Control

  • Front panel control or remote host PC control via Ethernet or RS-232
  • Spreadsheet style graphical user interface for host PC control
  • Non-volatile storage of switch configurations: store up to 5 setups in the system, store unlimited setups on host PC

System Integrity

  • System health monitoring of power supply, fans and internal temperatures
  • Built-in self-tests with diagnostics to verify the integrity of the switch system and user setup

Signal Switching

  • ±10 Vpk for each signal path

Input Characteristics

  • Differential Input

Frequency Response

  • DC to 1 MHz

Output Characteristics

  • Single-ended