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Founded in 1975, Precision Filters, Inc. is a manufacturer and global distributor of high performance instrumentation for test measurements.

Precision RTD Conditioner with Balanced Excitation

Precision Filters, Inc. today introduced its latest product for its 28000 Series product line, the 28124-LP4FP-HC10. Equipped with DC voltage and current excitation, the card supports a wide variety of DC or AC sensor measurements including RTD, bridge, thermocouple and voltage inputs. In addition, the card features traceable 0.01% resistor substitution and precision DC voltage substitution.


The 28124 provides precision balanced excitation that is optimized for RTD measurements. The Balanced Constant Current™ (BCC™) circuitry provides outstanding rejection of noise when compared to standard single-ended techniques. Current drive and signal sense terminals are available on the input connector to allow a 4-wire Kelvin connection to the RTD. Precision 0.01% RTD substitution resistors are supplied for pre-test calibration purposes. Precision DC input voltage substitution is supported when the DC level may be set on a per-channel basis.

For full bridge measurements, programmable single-step bipolar shunt of R1 or R2 is provided. In addition, relay contacts are used to connect the sensor internal cal resistor (if equipped) to + and – excitation.

Other features of the card include programmable gain to x8192 with 0.02% resolution, programmable precision low-pass filters and three wideband or filtered outputs per channel.

For more information on the HC10 Sensor Configuration option, please visit our technical solutions page Bridge, RTD, Thermocouple or Voltage Conditioner.

We work closely with customers to provide innovative product solutions for today’s measurement challenges.

To learn how Precision Filters’ 28000 Signal Conditioning System provides all the flexibility you need to manage your test measurements, please visit 28000 Signal Conditioning System Overview page or contact Precision Filters, Inc. at 607-277-3550 or by email at sales@pfinc.com.

Balanced Constant Current™ and (BCC™) are trademarks of Precision Filters, Inc.