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Founded in 1975, Precision Filters, Inc. is a manufacturer and global distributor of high performance instrumentation for test measurements.

Resonance Compensation with REZCOMP®

REZCOMP compensates frequency responseResonance can create challenges for measurement engineers. For recess-mounted pressure sensors, organ-pipe resonance amplifies the pressure signal by 20 dB or more. When measuring unsteady pressure, aerodynamically driven resonances associated with the sensor packaging can produce large gain and phase errors in the frequency range of interest. And the mechanical structures of PE, PR, and IEPE accelerometers have a well-known underdamped seismic resonance of the sensing mass. These issues can severely limit the usable bandwidth and cause post-processing headaches.

Precision Filters, working with Kulite Semiconductor Products, has created REZCOMP technology to address these problems. REZCOMP compensates frequency response in real time, using electrical filtering to correct for aerodynamically driven resonances related to sensor packaging/mounting and preventing signal distortion caused by sensor resonances. REZCOMP extends the sensor’s usable, flat amplitude bandwidth while correcting the phase response, maintaining constant time delay over the extended bandwidth. REZCOMP technology typically extends the usable sensor bandwidth by 200% to 300%—or even more.

Signal Conditioners with REZCOMP

For applications requiring two channels, choose Kulite’s KSC-2 signal conditioning system with REZCOMP option. For multi-channel applications, Precision Filters’ 28304 four-channel charge IEPE conditioner and 28144 four-channel wideband transducer conditioner with voltage and current excitation both offer REZCOMP technology.

KSC-2 Signal Conditioning System 28304 4-Channel Charge IEIP Conditioner 28144 4-Channel Wideband Transducer Conditioner

KSC-2 Signal Conditioning System

28304 4-Channel Charge IEPE Conditioner

28144 4-Channel Wideband Transducer Conditioner

To learn more about how REZCOMP technology extends the frequency response of pressure sensors, accelerometers, microphones, and other resonant sensors, please go to pfinc.com, click Solutions, and select REZCOMP Sensor Resonance Compensation or contact Precision Filters, Inc. at 607-277-3550 or by e-mail at sales@pfinc.com.

You can count on PFI’s dependable signal conditioning technology for precise measurements.

REZCOMP® and the REZCOMP logo® are used by Precision Filters, Inc. under license from Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.