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Founded in 1975, Precision Filters, Inc. is a manufacturer and global distributor of high performance instrumentation for test measurements.

Measurement engineers are faced with a myriad of challenges during rocket propulsion testing. Engineers testing gas turbines, internal combustion engines or other tests in harsh environments may experience similar challenges.

This application note, Signal Conditioning for Rocket Engine Testing, breaks down signal conditioning challenges for propulsion testing and describes Precision Filter’s proven solutions to them. Download it today

Measurement Challenges Covered: 

Measurements with long cable runs in harsh conditions

Static and dynamic pressure measurements

Accurate thrust measurements

RTD, thermocouple and silicon diode temperature measurements

Vibration measurements over a wide range of temperatures

Fuel flow measurements

Fatigue measurements

Redline safety monitoring

Ground loops and poor signal to noise ratio due to cabling

Tailoring measurement system transfer functions

Measurements with resonant sensors

Pre-test and run-time instrument, sensor and cable health validation

Test data verification and certification

In-house NIST traceable system calibration

Low life-cycle costs

We work closely with customers to provide innovative product solutions for today’s measurement challenges.

To learn how Precision Filters’ 28000 Suite of signal conditioners meet the challenges of rocket engine test measurements download Signal Conditioning for Rocket Engine Testing or visit the 28000 Signal Conditioning System Overview page. To speak with an applications engineer, please call 607-277-3550 or email sales@pfinc.com.