Product Warranty

Initial Warranty:

All Precision Filters’ products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of shipment. Precision Filters will replace or repair products which prove to be defective during the warranty period. No other warranty is expressed or implied. Precision Filters, Inc. is not responsible for consequential damages. Return equipment to Precision Filters with shipping charges prepaid. Equipment will be shipped back to customer at no charge.

Extended Warranty:

Beginning with the second year, a full service repair agreement is available that covers all instrument failures except those resulting from abuse, misuse or accidental damage, and it includes all labor and parts necessary to restore the instrument to normal operations and specifications. The price of the extended warranty is 8.25% of the current purchase price for new equipment per year. The extended warranty must be elected 30 days before expiration of any existing warranty period.

Post-Warranty Repairs:

Precision Filters, Inc. will perform repairs on products (active and inactive product lines) that are required following expiration of the initial or extended warranty periods, at its factory in Ithaca, NY.