Graphical User Interface for Signal Conditioning System

Press Release

Fully programmable signal conditioning systems offer a number of advantages over manually controlled units. Stored setups may be quickly downloaded to the signal conditioner, the signal conditioner may be interrogated for programmed settings and the signal conditioner can be amplified immediately. Precision Filters’ Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the 28000 Signal Conditioning sets new standards for ease and flexibility of signal conditioner control. The GUI operates on a computer running a standard Windows operating system, communicating with the 28000 mainframes via an Ethernet connection.

The 28000 provides fully programmable transducer conditioning for charge, IEPE, strain, thermocouple or voltage inputs fully integrated in one system. The 28000 GUI furnishes an easy-to-use spreadsheet style environment for configuration, setup, operation and test. On power-up, the GUI automatically builds a display to control the exact set of signal conditioners found in the 28000 mainframe. GUI displays and control panels can be customized to users preference. Security features allow the user to control access to critical programmed system parameters. GUI setup can be stored for later retrieval and can be up-loaded to an Excel™ spreadsheet.

The GUI contains a collection of algorithms to automate tedious setup task and databases that allow the user to import transducer information including type, sensitivity, last calibration date and serial number. Based on user input, the GUI apportions the gain in each channel to provide best signal to noise ratio while minimizing the chance of an overload occurring on out-of-band signals. Anti-aliasing filters can be programmed from user input on required attenuation of aliases and channel sampling rate.

The performance verification of test instruments is a critical part of insuring data integrity of any measurement system. The 28000 GUI features a complete suite of tests that may be run on the instrument "in-place" without disconnecting any cables or removing the system from the equipment rack. The tests check out critical system specifications, are NIST traceable and are the same manufacturing tests that are run at the factory. For facilities compliant to ISO 9001, these built-in tests will become a part of your test equipment verification procedures.

Precision Filters, Inc. utilizes its expertise in signal conditioning, filters, switch matrices and data acquisition to provide measurement systems to research, industrial and military markets worldwide.

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