Precision Filters, Inc., Selected by NASA Langley to Provide Instrumentation Upgrade for the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel

Press Release

May 13, 2013

Precision Filters, Inc. announced today that it had been selected by NASA Langley to supply the signal conditioning system for one of the most historic wind tunnels in the world: the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (TDT) at NASA Langley in Hampton, VA. The TDT is a closed loop continuous flow tunnel that is used to study aeroelasticity on fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft at transonic speeds. Nearly every U.S. built launch vehicle, high performance military aircraft and commercial transport aircraft have been tested in the TDT since 1960. One of the unique characteristics of the TDT is the ability to use heavy gas as a test medium that allows for test model simplification and reduction in power requirements.

28124 Quad Transducer Conditioner

The 256-channel signal conditioning solution for the TDT uses Precision’s latest product offering, the 28124 Quad Transducer Conditioner. The 28124 supports a variety of sensors such as strain gages, silicon diaphragm pressure sensors, piezo-resistive accelerometers and hot-film anemometers. To reduce test setup time and system maintenance costs, the system provides fully programmable setup and NIST traceable automated calibration. The system will be delivered in June and the first test is scheduled for August.

View the 28124 Quad Transducer Conditioner Specification Sheet

For more detailed information about the TDT solution, please download the application note Signal Conditioning at the Transonic Dynamic Tunnel (TDT), or contact Precision Filters, Inc. at 607-277-3550 or e-mail at