Precision Filters Introduces Compact 2-Channel Filter/Amplifier

Press Release
February 2016
Precision Filters, Inc. announces the PFA-2, a dual-channel filter/amplifier that’s compact, rugged, and versatile. The PFA-2 has a low-noise, high common-mode rejection balanced differential input with programmable AC/DC input coupling, making it ideal for conditioning static or dynamic signal inputs. Its versatile 6-pole low-pass filters can address applications in the time domain, such as shock measurements, or in the frequency domain, such as spectral analysis or anti-aliasing applications.

PFA-2 Two-Channel Compact Filter/Amplifier System
Gain is distributed before and after the filter, eliminating out-of-band energy such as transducer resonant peaking, which can clip the amplifier and ruin the data. Front-panel overload detectors warn about pre- and postfilter overload conditions that could otherwise be masked by the filter. The optional 2-pole high-pass filter provides programmable low-frequency roll-off to attenuate sources of low-frequency noise.

PFI is often approached by customers looking for an analog filter/amp product with the quality and performance we are known for, but in a smaller channel count benchtop package,” says Doug Firth, company president and CEO. “With the PFA-2, customers who need only one or two channels to amplify and filter their low-level voltage signals now have an economical, general-purpose solution suitable for use in any industrial or lab application.”

The PFA-2 is highly programmable via its spreadsheet-style graphical user interface. The GUI controls up to eight PFA-2 units as a single system. Alternatively, you can control the PFA-2 using a high-level command interface via a USB 2.0 connection. Save configurations to the host computer and recall them later. Or save settings to nonvolatile memory for field deployment—no host computer needed.

For more information: Readers can learn more about the PFA-2 by downloading its specification sheet
PFA2 Spec Sheet
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