Rotating Machinery Conditioning Suite

Press Release

Jan 2014

Precision Filters, Inc. announces a unique suite of signal conditioning cards designed for the demanding requirements for testing rotating machinery.

For dynamic strain conditioning, the 28458 8-Channel Conditioner with Balanced Current Excitation accommodates single arm static or dynamic strain gages, RTDs or other 2-wire or 4-wire resistive transducers that require constant current excitation. Balanced excitation circuitry delivers accurate current with excellent immunity to noise pickup. Gain is programmable to x8192.

For acceleration, velocity and displacement, the 28302B Dual Vibration Amplifier card accepts inputs from single-ended or differential piezoelectric or IEPE accelerometers. Programmable high-pass and low-pass filters remove unwanted out-band signals from the acceleration and velocity outputs. The 28302B provides simultaneous buffered AC outputs for acceleration, velocity and displacement as well as one DC output.

For RPM measurements, the 28524 Quad Frequency-to-Voltage Converter Module provides conditioning for pulse, rate and frequency transducers. The 28524 gives a voltage output proportional to input frequency or rate. Programmable trigger threshold and hold-off time handle distorted inputs such as signals with ringing, crossover or harmonic distortion.

View the 28458 8-Channel Conditioner with Balanced Current Excitation Specification Sheet

View the 28302B Dual Vibration Amplifier Specification Sheet

View the 28524 Quad Frequency-to-Voltage Converter Module Specification Sheet

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