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Founded in 1975, Precision Filters, Inc. is a manufacturer and global distributor of high performance instrumentation for test measurements.

Precision Filters Welcomes the PFA-2 to Its Family of Filter/Amplifiers

The PFA-2, Precision Filters’ new compact dual-channel filter/amplifier system

The PFA-2, Precision Filters’ new compact dual-channel filter/amplifier system, sets a new standard in high-performance signal conditioning at an affordable price.

Unsurpassed Precision

With low-noise, high common-mode rejection balanced differential input and programmable AC/DC input coupling, the PFA-2 is ideal for conditioning static or dynamic signal inputs. Its versatile 6-pole low-pass filters can address applications in the time domain, such as shock measurements, or in the frequency domain, such as spectral analysis or anti-aliasing applications.

Gain is distributed before and after the filter, eliminating out-of-band energy such as transducer resonant peaking, which can clip the amplifier and ruin the data. Front-panel overload detectors alert you to pre- and postfilter overload conditions that could otherwise be masked by the filter. The optional 2-pole high-pass filter provides programmable low-frequency roll-off to attenuate sources of low-frequency noise.

Ease of Use

Like all Precision filter/amplifiers, the PFA-2 is highly programmable via its spreadsheet-style graphical user interface. The GUI controls up to eight PFA-2 units as a single system. Alternatively, you can control the PFA-2 using a high-level command interface via a USB 2.0 connection. Save configurations to the host computer and recall them later. Or save settings to nonvolatile memory for field deployment—no host computer needed.

Best in Its Class

The PFA-2’s versatility, portability, and high precision set it apart from its competitors. To see what the PFA-2 can do for your measurements team, download the specification sheet or contact Precision Filters, Inc. at 607-277-3550 or by e-mail at sales@pfinc.com.