The Precision 28000 Signal Conditioning System provides all the flexibility you need to manage your test measurements.

The Precision 28000 makes it easy to manage a test, with hundreds of channels and a mix of transducers. Choose charge, IEPE w/TEDS, voltage (filter amplifier), strain, thermocouple, RTD, potentiometer, current, frequency, or other transducers.

The built-in test hardware and software (optional) provide quick Go/No-Go tests, which can be run before each test, and rigorous Factory Acceptance Tests to assure you that the 28000 meets your most stringent requirements for critical applications. It won’t be long before these tests earn a permanent place in your maintenance routine. And since they are traceable to NIST, they eliminate the need for off-site calibration.

In every phase of your tests—record keeping, installation, design, setup, operation, maintenance, and upgrading—the Precision 28000 offers ways to help you save time and money over the life of the system.

28000 Signal Conditioning System Features

  • Graphical user interface (GUI) and Ethernet network interface for system control
  • Intelligent gain and system scaling algorithms
  • Test input and output monitor busses
  • Go/No-Go test with diagnostics to be used before tests
  • Rigorous Factory Acceptance Test for maintenance
  • Field-swappable AC power supplies
  • Built-in temperature and power supply monitoring with alarms

28000 Signal Conditioning Cards

28000 Signal Conditioning System Cards

Bridge and Strain

  • Dual-mode conditioners with constant voltage and BCC excitation
  • Bridge conditioners with voltage excitation
  • Dynamic strain conditioners with current excitation

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IEPE and Charge

  • Dual-mode charge and IEPE conditioners with long-distance TEDS
  • Isolated high-density IEPE conditioners with long-distance TEDS
  • Charge/IEPE amps for rotating machinery

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  • Conditioners for all common thermocouple types
  • Feature high-accuracy reference junction compensation with low-drift programmable amplifiers and 4-pole filters

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  • Conditioners for pulse, rate, and frequency transducers
  • Feature precise DC output for input frequencies from 1 Hz to 50 kHz

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  • Dual-mode CVLD and IEPE conditioners for accelerometers, in-line preamps, and voltage signals
  • Optimized for noise and vibration measurements in high EMI environments

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Voltage Filter/Amplifier

  • Conditioning for low-level voltage inputs in front of high-resolution data acquisition systems
  • Feature balanced differential inputs, programmable filters, and distributed gain for fine resolution

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28000 Signal Conditioner Mainframes

28002 Signal Conditioning System (2 Card Frame)

28002 2-Card Frame

  • Up to 2 transducer cards per frame
  • Mix up to 32 channels of fully programmable transducer conditioners in a single system
28004 Signal Conditioning System (4 Card Frame)

28004 4-Card Frame

  • Up to 4 transducer cards per frame
  • Mix up to 64 channels of fully programmable transducer conditioners in a single system
28008 Signal Conditioning System (8 Card Frame)

28008 8-Card Frame

  • Up to 8 transducer cards per frame
  • Mix up to 128 channels of fully programmable transducer conditioners in a single system
28016 Signal Conditioning System (16 Card Frame)

28016 16-Card Frame

  • Up to 16 transducer cards per frame
  • Mix up to 256 channels of fully programmable transducer conditioners in a single system

28000 Signal Conditioning Components

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Test Subsystem

  • Built-in test hardware for fully automated, NIST-traceable calibration and performance verification
  • Perform fully automated test routines in situ with the push of a button

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28000 Chassis 4

Flat/Pulse Low-Pass Filters

  • Industry-leading filter designs for both time and frequency domain applications
  • 4-pole and 8-pole filters available with cutoff frequencies up to 204.6 kHz

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wiring terminal


  • Complete line of accessories available to support custom installations and application requirements
  • Includes output adapters, mating connectors, and transit cases

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Verification at Test Time

Continual setup, tear down and reconfiguring of sensitive test equipment demands a rigorous protocol to prove that every channel is operating correctly at test time. The 28000 System provides a layer of built-in verification and validation capability to confirm proper operation of the measurement system including sensor and cable. Upon completion of the verification testing, a status report is provided as a defendable means to document system validity at the time of the actual test.

Yearly Calibration

All test systems require periodic calibration. The Precision 28000’s automated built-in test capabilities allow the user to perform convenient, affordable NIST traceable yearly calibration tests on-site without removing the system from the equipment rack. This eliminates the need for expensive off-site calibrations and system downtime.

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