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Precision Filters, Inc. (PFI) is a single-source electronics provider of analog signal conditioning and switching instrumentation designed for superior performance at a reasonable cost. We work closely with customers to ensure our products enable reliable, high-quality test measurements in the most demanding and critical applications.

Our Products

28000 Signal Conditioning System

  • Up to 256 channels per chassis
  • Mix bridge, strain, RTD, thermocouple, Kulite, piezoelectric, piezo-resistive, IEPE, and pulse rate sensors
  • PFI’s proprietary Balanced Constant Current (BCC) technology for dynamic strain conditioning
  • Best-in-class analog filtering
  • Built-in NIST Traceable calibration

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Stand-Alone Signal Conditioners

  • Space saving stand-alone products for benchtop or distributed signal conditioning
  • Anti-alias filters and conditioning for RTD, silicon diodes, IEPE, and 4-20 mA sensors
  • Integrated control and sensor-specific I/O
  • High-performance in an economical package

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Signal Conditioning for the NI C Series

  • PFI quality signal conditioning for the C Series platform
  • Anti-alias filters and conditioning for bridge, strain, charge, IEPE, and voltage
  • Compatible with all NI C-Rio and C-Daq chassis
  • Rugged compact platform operates from -40 to 70 °C

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High-Density Signal Switching Systems

  • Reliable solid-state programmable connections between any input and output
  • Up to 256x256 channels per system, scalable to larger channel counts with multiple systems
  • Intuitive spreadsheet-style GUI with color coding that simulates legacy patch panels
  • Program, save, and restore unlimited configurations
  • Built-in self-test and reporting

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