High-Performance Signal Conditioning for RTD, Thermistors, and Silicon Diodes

The SCB-32CC  is a member of Precision’s 1U family of rack mountable signal conditioners. The product provides a precise 100 μA or 1 mA DC current source for measuring resistive transducers such as RTDs, thermistors or silicon diodes and is a suitable replacement for the obsolete National Instruments™ SCXI-1503.

You can make a 2, 3 or 4-wire connection to the SCB-32CC via the supplied plug-in 4-position spring clip connectors. Since the SCB-32CC does not contain a buffer, an external digitizer with a high-quality differential amplifier is recommended for lowest noise and best accuracy measurements.

Packaged in a 1U rack mountable enclosure, the Model SCB-32CC front panel features all of the operator interfaces including 32 sensor connectors, Ethernet connector with IP reset switch and status indicator, signal ground connector with ground source selection button, power entry connector and system power switch.

The high accuracy of the single-ended constant current source delivers a current level of 100 μA or 1 mA with ±0.03% initial accuracy. Current flow to the load, voltage across the load and loop resistance are measured on demand using either the supplied graphical user interface (GUI) or the command line interface. The SCB-32CC has automatic calibration that can be run to optimize accuracy for a given ambient temperature.

The optional Factory Acceptance Test (option F) allows the user to perform automated NIST traceable verification of system performance on-site with a third-party digital volt meter.

SCB-32CC Benefits

  • Compact, 1U high, by 10 inches deep
  • All controls and connections on front panel
  • GUI or remote command line interface
  • Precise 100 μA or 1 mA DC current source
  • Sensor Health Monitor
  • Optional Factory Acceptance Tests

The Model SCB-32CC Signal Conditioner Salient Features:

Number of Channels

  • 32 100 μA or 1 mA constant current sources

Input Connectors

  • Front panel mounted pluggable 4-position spring clip connections for 32 channels

Current Source

  • Single Ended Constant Current
  • Current Level: 100 μA or 1 mA

System Control

  • Spreadsheet style graphical user interface for host PC control
  • High level command line interface
  • Settings are retained when the computer is disconnected

Sensor Health Monitor

  • On-demand measurement and reporting of current flowing to attached load, voltage across attached load, and sensor + cable resistance. Monitoring may be done during operation, as it does not affect current source performance.


  • Input: 10.8-30 V DC
  • 3-pin pluggable tension clamp connector
  • Ground: Signal ground post at front panel. Slider switch connects chassis ground to signal ground or isolates signal ground to accommodate external ground reference.