Underwater Acoustics and Sonar

Separate the Signal From the Noise with Precision Filters' Signal Conditioners

Acoustic measurements are made using a range of sensors, including inline pre-amps, IEPE accelerometers, IEPE/charge microphones, and specialized voltage line drive (CVLD) accelerometers. While these sensors are designed to function in high electromagnetic interference (EMI) environments, they must be interfaced with a high-performance measurement system to adequately condition the data for display, analysis, and recording.

Read on to learn more about how PFI's signal conditioning technology can be applied to noise characterization on submarines and surface ships.

Signal Conditioning Solutions

Precision Filters' signal conditioners are an essential part of that system. Whether the sensor type is voltage, IEPE, bridge, or charge, each channel is fully programmable to provide sensor-scaled, amplified, and filtered signals to the downstream A/D converters. Equipped with PFI's flat/pulse filter technology, these amplifiers provide outstanding response characteristics for time-or frequency-domain analysis and offer outstanding phase match for beam-forming applications. The 28918A is an 8-channel, dual-mode conditioner that accepts CVLD, IEPE, or voltage inputs. The 28144 strain/bridge conditioner and the 28304 quad-charge/IEPE conditioner feature REZCOMPTM technology, which effectively compensates for the resonant response associated with the protective screen of a microphone sensor, extending the usable sensor bandwidth. The 28304 also features LDTEDSTM, allowing for  communication with TEDS-capable sensors out to a distance of 1500 feet. And as with all of PFI's products, these signal conditioning cards feature built-in sensor and cable health checks for performance verification to ensure valid data acquisition.

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Conditioner Cards for Acoustics

28144 Strain/Bridge Conditioner

  • 4 channels/card, 64 channels/system
  • Excitation: Balanced Constant CurrentTM or constant voltage
  • REZCOMPTM technology to extend frequency response of accelerometer, microphone, and pressure sensor measurements

28304 Charge/IEPE Conditioner with LDTEDSTM

  • 4 channels/card, 64 channels/system
  • Dual-mode IEPE or charge
  • REZCOMPTM technology to extend frequency response of accelerometer, microphone, and pressure sensor measurements

28918A CVLD/IEPE Conditioner

  • 8 channels/card, 128 channels/system
  • IEPE, CVLD, or voltage inputs
  • Designed and optimized for high EMI environments