High-Performance Signal Conditioning for IEPE and Voltage Inputs

The Model SCB-16FA Signal Conditioner is a programmable 16-channel filter/amplifier with current source for Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric (IEPE) sensors and remote charge converters. The programmable IEPE source supplies 0 to 20 mA in 2 mA steps of current supporting all IEPE sensor types. Each channel input can be individually isolated to allow connection to grounded accelerometers without introducing ground loops. The IEPE current source disconnect mode allows the SCB-16FA-IEPE to be used as a 16-channel Precision AC Filter/Amplifier with balanced differential input.

A shift in the bias point of an IEPE sensor could be an indication that the sensor is beginning to fail, so measuring the bias point is a means of monitoring the sensor health. The SCB-16FA provides a readout of the bias voltage, as well as an ‘out of range’ indicator with user specified limits. In addition, sensor OPEN and SHORT indicators are provided.

Programmable channel gain and optional 4-pole flat/pulse low-pass filters provide clean, amplified “data acquisition ready” output signals. The AC-coupled amplifier stage provides programmable gain settings up to x1000 in a x1, 2, 5, 10 sequence. The standard unit provides a 2-pole 100 kHz Butterworth low-pass filter with an optional 4-pole LP4FP flat/pulse low-pass filter available in three standard ranges each with five programmable cutoff frequencies. A programmable wideband mode to bypass the filter is standard. Read more about PFI's flat/pulse mode filter technology.

Packaged in a compact 1U rack mounted enclosure, the Model SCB-16FA front panel provides all the operators’ interfaces including 16 input and 16 output BNC connectors, test and monitor bus BNC connectors, Ethernet connector with IP reset switch and status indicator, signal ground connector with ground source selection switch, power connector and power switch. The system is controlled using either the supplied graphical user interface or the remote command line interface.

Option F together with the SCB-7-TEST Test Subsystem adds Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) capability to the SCB-16FA. The acceptance tests, initiated from the SCB GUI, are fully automated NIST traceable verification routines that measure and report the unit’s performance to the published specifications.

SCB-16FA-IEPE Benefits

  • Compact, 1U high by 10 inches deep
  • All controls and connections on front panel
  • GUI or remote command line inferface
  • IEPE current source, 0 to 20 mA
  • Continuous bias voltage monitoring
  • Programmable gain up to x1,000
  • Optional 4-pole flat/pulse filter
  • Optional Factory Acceptance Tests

The Model SCB-16FA Signal Conditioner Salient Features:

Number of Channels

  • 16 Channels

Input Connectors

  • 16 Individual isolated BNCs at front panel

IEPE Current Source

  • Programmable current source to power IEPE type transducers and remote charge converters. Current source may be disconnected under program control for standard filter/amplifier functionality.
  • Programmable 0 to 20 mA in 2 mA steps with current source disconnect
    System Control

Spreadsheet style graphical user interface for host PC control

  • High level command line interface
  • Settings are retained when the computer is disconnected

Amplifier and Filter

  • Gain Settings: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and x1000 with pre-filter overload detection. Gain is distributed around filter for 2X out-band reserve.
  • Standard Low-Pass Filter: 2-pole Butterworth low-pass filter with Fc = 100 kHz (–3.01 db) and programmable bypass for wideband operation
  • Optional LP4FP 4-Pole Low-Pass Filter: 4-pole, 4-zero flat/pulse low-pass filter w/ programmable bypass for wideband operation. Programmable for maximally flat (LP4F) or linear phase with optimized pulse response (LP4P)


  • Single ended output

Output Connectors

  • BNC per channel at front panel