Save Time and Reduce Errors with Computer-Controlled Solid-State Connections

The Precision 4164 Switch Matrix System is a reliable solid-state switch matrix system in a compact rack-mountable or benchtop device providing computer-controlled connections between any input and any output. Connect between 64 input and 64 output channels with 4,096 cross points.

Save time and reduce errors on your switch system setups with the easy to use spreadsheet style Graphical User Interface. Save configurations and download them to your switch system over the network—and your tests are ready to go. Program the switch from your application via the high-level Ethernet interface. Edit configurations offline in Excel.

With system health monitoring, fault diagnostics, and exhaustive self-tests, you can have confidence in the integrity of the 4164 system. Option F provides Go/No-Go test feature and Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) routines.

The built-in Go/No-Go test feature automatically verifies run-time setup by checking each programmed connection using a direct input-to-output measurement. The 4164 FAT routines measure switch system parametrics, including gain, crosstalk and open/short, in situ to verify performance and provides full test reports.

When power is applied to the system, the system provides unidirectional signal paths from input to output channels. When power is removed, switch settings are retained in nonvolatile memory and restored at power up. Balanced differential input buffers reduce noise susceptibility and correctly reference the signal inputs to their corresponding ground. Ground sensing output buffers reduce power-line hum when driving single-ended loads.


  • Manage hundreds of channels with simple programming
  • Forget the hours and expense of hand patching or hard wiring connections
  • Reliable and dependable solid-state switches
  • Easy to use input and output setups with the convenient spreadsheet style GUI, high-level Ethernet command set or front panel control
  • Balanced differential input buffers reduce noise susceptibility

4164 Switch Matrix System Salient Features:

Switch Matrix Characteristics

  • Solid-state switch matrix
  • High density: 4,096 cross points


Matrix Size

  • 64 x 64, all in a compact 2U (3.5 in.) high mainframe

System Control

  • Spreadsheet style graphical user interface for host PC control
  • Remote Ethernet interface command control
  • Front panel control
  • Non-volatile storage of switch configurations: store up to 8 setups in the system, store unlimited setups on host PC

System Integrity

  • System health monitoring of power supply and internal temperatures
  • Solid-state switches are more reliable than mechanical rely systems
  • Optional self-tests, with reports, exhaustively test switch settings

Signal Switching

  • ±10 Vpk for each signal path

Input Characteristics

  • Balanced differential input

Frequency Response

  • DC to 350 kHz

Output Characteristics

  • Single-ended with manually selectable ground sense

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