Filtering for Dynamic Signals, Part 1

Part one of a two-part seminar series exploring filter technologies and characteristics for dynamic measurements

Doug Firth, President of PFI, discusses the signal-processing filter’s amplitude, phase and transient response along with practical criteria for filter selections.

In Filtering for Dynamic Signals Part 2, Doug continues the series by exploring filter transient (impulse and step) response, filter/amplifier with distributed gain, methods to estimating noise with given RTI and RTO noise specifications, and practical criteria for setting a filter to prevent aliasing.

Click to watch the video of Part two in this series, Filtering for Dynamic Signals, Part 2 »

Miniclips from the Filtering for Dynamic Signals, Part 1 Video

filter gain phase

Filter Gain, Phase and Transfer Function

Reviews the common terms encountered when discussing analog and digital filters.

practical low-pass filters

Practical Low-Pass Filters

Ideal versus practical low-pass filters and low-pass filter characteristics.

linear phase for time domain

Linear Phase Filters for Time Domain Measurements

The importance of using linear phase filters for time domain measurements.