Signal Conditioning System has NIST Traceable Built-In Self-Test

Press Release

The performance verification of test instruments is a critical part of insuring data integrity of any measurement system. In the past, verification of performance meant tearing down the measurement system and sending the equipment to the calibration lab, or back to the original manufacturer for expensive testing. Performance verification was costly, time consuming and sometimes ignored, due to budget constraints or tight test schedules where system downtime could not be tolerated.

Enter Precision Filters, Inc., 28000 Signal Conditioning System with full parametric system self-test. The 28000 provides fully programmable transducer conditioning for charge, IEPE, strain, thermocouple or voltage inputs, along with a complete suite of tests that may be run on the instrument "in-place" without disconnecting any cables or removing the system from the equipment rack. The tests check out all critical system specifications, are NIST traceable, and are the same manufacturing tests that are run at the factory. For facilities compliant to ISO 9001:2015, these built-in tests will become a part of your test equipment verification procedures.

Two levels of test are provided. The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) does a complete parametric performance checkout of the conditioner. Parameters such as Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR), noise, offset, gain, frequency response, amplitude match and phase match are tested to original specifications. For a quick checkout of the equipment prior to a test run, the Go/No-Go test may be run to measure system performance of the current programmed setup.

Precision Filters, Inc. utilizes its expertise in signal conditioning, filters, switch matrices and data acquisition to provide measurement systems to research, industrial and military markets worldwide.

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